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    Luzhou Group is a Key Flagship Enterprise in the China food industry and fermentation industry, an enterprise integrated with science, industry and trade. It is an enterprise with the largest production scales, market share and export revenue in starch sugar industry in China.
    The Group comprises 10 subsidiaries: Luzhou Bio-Chem Technology Co.,Ltd (incorporated in Singapore), Luzhou Bio-Chem Technology (Shandong) Co.,Ltd., Luzhou Bio-Chem Technology (Liaoning) Co.,Ltd., Luzhou Bio-Chem Technology (Shaanxi) Co.,Ltd., Luzhou Bio-Chem Technology (Henan) Co.,Ltd., Hunan Luzhou Sugar Line Co.,Ltd., Luzhou Chemical Co.,Ltd., Luzhou Group Equipment Engineering Co.,Ltd., Luzhou Printing Co.,Ltd., and Luzhou Material Supplying Co.,Ltd; and a research and development center involved in enterprise development and technology used in industrial applications. The group has also established sales offices in the major cities of China.
    Our subsidiaries have received a series of certifications such as ISO9000, ISO14000, HACCP, Star-K Kosher Certificate, and the Halal Certificate by Islamic Association. Part of products have received Key New Products of Country, A Grade Green Food etc. The Group has received numerous awards such as the Top 20 Largest China Starch Industry Enterprise, Top 20 Key Flagship Food Enterprise in the Agricultural Industrialization in China, Top 100 Food Processing Enterprise, National Large-scale Agricultural Products Circulating and Processing Enterprise and Model Enterprise in National Food Safety.
    At present, the Group has the capacity to refine more than 1,200,000 MT of corn annually, producing 800,000 MT of sweetener products, 400,000 of animal feeds products and 100,000 MT of chemical products. Our main products include isomaltooligosaccharide, high maltose syrup, glucose, maltose syrup for beer, high fructose syrup, sorbitol, maltitol, oligoisomaltitol, maltodextrin, milk essences, meal fibre, high albumen feed, carbamide.
    The Groups main focus is agricultural industrialization; spearheaded by biological engineering. We adhere to the tenet ofScience and Technology leads market, Sorts chase demandsand the ideal ofbuilding wholesome and healthy lifestyles with heart and soul, taking on reformation and innovation as the power to develop the enterprise. By accelerating the speed of technological innovation, we will do our utmost to contribute to the environment and the health of humanity.
    Our Groups President Niu Jixing, welcomes people from all fields to create a new era in functional biological sugar source.

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