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Meal Fibre

Health promoting properties including facilitating weight loss and bowel movements, and preventing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Certified New Product New Technology by Shandong Economic and T...
Corn Gluten Meal

With golden appearance, the products contain much yellow element that are ususlly called corn_coloring element and widely used in industries.
Corn Fiber

Corn fiber is made from corn tegument and it can be produced Meal Fiber,the seventh nutrition element, by enzymatic hydrolysiscalled,it has the functions to keep moisture,to form sol and gel in digest...

Steepwater is used in food and pharmaceutic industries such as the production of antibiotics and MSG.It is one of the ideal protein sources for feed industry because of the high protein (45%) and ...
Corn Germ

Corn germ is used in oil industry mainly for salad oil. The squeezed remains can be used in feedstuff as a nutrition supplement.
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