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High Fructose Syrup

High Fructose Syrup is processed from hydrolyzed corn starch and contains fructose a simple sugar carbohydrate, just like sucrose. It is about 75% sweeter than sucrose, less expensive than sugar, and ...
High Maltose Syrup

High Maltose Syrup is made from refined starch by biochemical technology. The concentration is more than 50% of maltose.
Liquid Glucose

Liquid Glucose is made from refined starch by acid hydrolysis or enzyme treatment following the process of refining and concentration. The main ingredients are glucose, maltose, maltotriose and over m...
Super-high Maltose Syrup

Super High Maltose syrup is produced from starch through the process of the liquefaction by amylase, saccharification by -amylase and debranching enzyme and the refining techniques. The concentration ...
Maltose Syrup for Beer

Maltose Syrup for Beer is made from high quality corn starch through hydrolysis by enzyme preparation, nitrogen fixation ,defating ,refining, etc . The product has characteristics of low chromaticity,...
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